Rocky Rosen and Jim Byrne are our guests for this episode:

Singer Tracy Horenbein is our guest:

Eric from is our guest to talk all things Root Beer!

An interview with Country music singer Pamela Hopkins
ALSO a NASCAR March Madness bet is announced:

What a jam packed episode!
We got TWO interviews with Country singers Larry Jay and Randy Seedorff.
Oh and some "Vince Russo" cold calls and lets not forget about MARY!

Anthony Curtis of is our guest.
And he's going to update us of what's going in Vegas:

This week is one of my favorite guests so far!
No it isn't a pornstar or a NASCAR driver its....
Dalton Burdette! Dalton is an independent film maker!

ANOTHER Salute to drive in theatres
James Patterson from the band "Ten Penny Gypsy"
And actress Tonya Todd AKA Cleopatra guest star!
Oh and Mary returns!

Can I Read?
Well we have two great authors on to discuss BOOKS
James Goi Jr AKA The Attract Money Guru
AND Autor Katia Reed!

An awesome and funny interview with Country singer Ashley Puckett.
Oh and the debut of "Dave" prank calls!

It's ANOTHER tribute to the drive in moive days!
Countrty singers Bill Abernathy and Michael Coleman guest star!

It's a tribute to the ol' drive in movie days!
It's a double feature interview with country singers Richard Lynch and Gary Burke!

Variety Hour IS IT!
It's the history of Coca-Cola!
AND country singer Jeremy Parsons stops by on this jam packed episode:

Country music singer Savannah is our guest this week!
ALSO Ken Patera calls "Amazon"

How Sweet it is! One of my favorite episodes ever.
Adult film star Lisey Sweet is our guest this week.
Lets say I enjoyed myself.....A LOT

Our guest this week is Bruce Wawrzyniak of
AND he used to be the PR man for the Buffalo Sabres so you know he's seen A LOT of stuff!

With whats going on in the world these days people want to work out from home.
Well this weeks guest is famed workout instructor Santana Rodriguez!
Santana is here to help us and she discusses her TV show.

Famous HSN/QVC pitchman Tom Wise is our guest!
Tom tells us what it's really like to be a famous TV pitchman!

Kenny Alfonso SHOOT interview!

One of the best interviews I've ever done IMO
Richard Brosal the commissioner of the the defunct UHL is here!
AND he is here to discuss whats it's like to run a minor league!

It's Joe's Variety Hour with Special guest nine year NFL veteran Joe Bowden! Joe and Joe discuss ALL things football!