This was a very good one to have on a hot day.
2 cups sliced Watermelon
1/2 can Red Bull Watermelon
1/2 scoop of ice picture of the day

REVIEW: This was AWESOME one of my best so far.
Only thing I would say be easy on the ice.
But I would say ****1/2 STARS
Bryan Alvarez: "Nobody wants to have red bull ruin fruit!"
Dave Meltzer: "This was a poor attempt at stealing the Sonic Watermelon slush."

This maybe the most polarizing smoothie. picture of the day

1/2 sliced cantaloupe
1/2 bottle of Simply Orange juice
"I had NO idea how split people are on cantaloupe.
I liked it. What the hell some people HATE cantaloupe.
Really tho it was good soooo *** STARS"
Bryan Alvarez: "Cantaloupe and OJ? Really? It's like OJ and Nicole Brown. Which was NOT GOOD!"
Dave Meltzer: "Cantaloupe is the John Cena of fruit. And Cena never sold out the Egg dome."

Hmmm I don't know about this one. picture of the day

5 slices of pre cut Honeydew
5 slices of frozen Peaches
1 Oikos Blended Plain vanila Yogurt 5.3 oz
"The frozen peaches kinda over powered it.
It was OK I guess... ** STARS."
Bryan Alvarez: "This was a LAME effort to have Peaches and cream. What a geek!"

Of all the ones I've made this MAYBE the most intriguing. picture of the day

1 package of pre cut honeydew.
2 Oikos Blended Plain vanila Yogurt 5.3 oz
handful of frozen pineapples
It was very smooth... Like I wanted more!
Whatever your take on Honeydew is I say it's *** STARS
Bryan Alvarez: "Whatever pleases Joe right? His audience is an audince of one!"
Dave Meltzer: "Did anyone ever wake up and say I'm going to make a honeydew smooothie?"

OMG this was sooooo sweet!
1 package of pre cut watermelon.
3/4 of a can of Adrenaline Shoc Smart Watermelon 16 fl oz
This was great! picture of the day

"This tasted just like a jolly rancher! OMG so sweet! **** STARS!"
Bryan Alvarez: "A Jolly Rancher smoothie?
Wow. Sounds gross! Sounds vomitrocious"
Dave Meltzer: "Whats next a smoothie that tastes like a Tootsie Roll?"