Country singer Pete Miller joins the program:

6th year special!

We have the first ever jerky draft.
The Hailey Deegan Catfish story and more Rap Snacks are given the taste test.

In honor of Al Madril we have our own Fiesta Garden! We taste Mexico!

Dave Saunders of Hunters Edge jerky is our guest:

First a Nitro Pepsi Vanilla Draft Cola review
THEN Joe and Justin have a new bet in place

Former College Basketball Coach Gary Waters is our guest to discuss his book
"Ten Principles of a Character Coach" and all things college basketball
AND Country singer Richard Lynch is back to talk about his newest single:

OK.. Sooo You've heard of Watergate? Right? Well how about PigGate?

EVERYTHING is about the great country of Sri Lanka!

Bruce Wawrzyniak of is our guest
We discuss the whole upcoming NFL season:

Dom and Joe talk TURKEY!
A Turkish food sampler.

This maybe the most bizarre episode. EVER.
Joe and Dominic try snack foods from South Korea.

5 Year Anniversary Show!
Starring country singer Richard Lynch.
AND former NASCAR driver Robert Richardon.

Joe and Katie review the 2021 film "Mortal Kombat"

Joe and Katie Cook review the 2021 film "King Kong vs. Godzilla"

Attention Kmart Shoppers!
This is a deep dive into the rise and fall of Kmart!

Joe and Katie Cook review the terrbile movie "Samurai Cop"

Dalton Burdette rejoins us to review...
The BAD movie "Miami Connection"

As the Village Idiot once said....
"I'll watch anything with Vic Tayback in it!"

First it's all about Tony Chachere's....
THEN the return of Ed Orgeron prank calls...

Sometimes listening to Joe's Variety Hour is hypnotic...
Well this episode is all about hypnosis:

Joe on the Road!
Ever wanted to take a road trip with Joe? Well now you can =0

Every podcast these days is about wrestling or crime
SOOOO why not do a a crime podcast
our guest is private investigator Larry Forletta to talk all things CRIME:

Here it is our 4 year anniversary celebration!
We got one of the most elebrate pranks EVER!
AND NASCAR driver Robert Richardson:

One week to go till our 4th Anniversary!
soooo we play Country Music Triver and taste test chips:

Emily is back from her quarantine but for how long? LOL

This episode is ALL ABOUT THE YEAR 1991

You've heard of #WaterGate and #SpyGate we at WDXD have #ChairGate.

I got Emily to watch "Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills"

Emily went to perhaps the last NBA game this year ='(

The 200th Episode celebration!
Guest starring adult film star Britney Amber!

The go home episode til 200!

Joe and Emily preview "The Big Game"

We toast to our first show of 2020 and the NEW Decade!

It's a Surprise grab bag episode!
It's just like you got at your local five and dime store.
It's a few prank calls thrown in and a preview of the AAA Texas 500:

I'm trying to get the mother ship to land in Tallahassee with our tribute to D.A. Show:

I got Emily to watch the old Nickelodeon show: "Fifteen" it may suck but It's better than #HIAC

Hey ya know Charlie Brennan from KMOX? Ya don't?
Well long story short his podcast sucks so were gonna parody it:

Joe celebrates his birthday early! AND more on ComputerGate!

Happy Throwback weekend! "Meltzer" and "Alvarez" watch The Three Stooges short "Pardon My Scotch"

It's the 20th anniversary of the release of the soap opera "Passions"
Fatso and Fruit Loops watch along from a famous "Passions" scene:

Joe attempted to give a demo of the show to a St. Louis radio station. Notice the keyword attempted

Will Joe go see the Avenjizz? Plus MORE... Mandy Moore!

The Debut of Katie Cook the psychiatrist!

This is the go home show to 150 so Joe interviews the man behind our classic theme song:

The Variety Hour you thought you'd never hear Joe and Joe review Days of Our Lives #LastBlast #DOOL

Could it be a return of The know it all and the village idiot?

Let the Fantasies RUN WILD! BROTHER!

On this weeks Variety Hour we preview Survivor series and the #Ford400

In honor of #WWEvolution we have our own ladies night here on the Variety Hour:

On this weeks Variety Hour Katie Cook's fantasies RUN WILD...

This is the episode where Katie Cook finally gives IT away!

YES Mike Francesa is BACK!
YES it's the debut of the WDXD Dating game!

On a very special Joe's Variety Hour!
We celebrate Frank's birthday AND Star Wars/Trek day!

Aloha It's an Hawaiian Episode

I bet you've never heard ole Marshall Dillion say... It's a WESTERN themed Variety Hour!

Joe's Variety Hour is ALL about MY kind of town...Chicago!

With Russia all over the news why not do a Russian themed Variety Hour?

It's Joe's Variety Hour! Joe and Joe are back talking about juice. Old juice. New juice. Tasty juice. Smoothie juice. All kinds of juice. Enjoy!

More out of control than Mike Francesa's goriller and Dusty's Go-Rilla it's Joe Variety Hour!

On this weeks Joe's Variety Hour It's all about the year 1980!

This Episode of Joe's Variety Hour is sponsored by the letter "T" and it stands for TRAIN WRECK!