Prank calling the state of New Mexico:

Our independence day weekend celebration!
31 minutes of prank calls!

"Paul Heyman" tries to get Medicare:

The DEBUT of Hawk prank calls:

It's another grab bag episode of new random prank calls:

Val Venis calls Life Protect 24/7:

How about some prank calls about Gina's birthday?

"Jerry Brisco" tries to get satellite service:

A Jerry Brisco grab bag!

Has Jerry Brisco has won a Wal Mart gift card?

The FIRST EVER Jerry Brisco prank call:

It's another B-Show grab bag episode!

"Ed Orgeron" attempts to get MediCare:

Happy New Year!
The debut of Nick Kostos prank calls!
No spoilers but lets just say it takes a weird turn....

"Ed Orgeron" tries to sell a house:

FIRST EVER Val Venis Prank call!

Random Grab Bag!

a scammer gives his hardest pitch to scam Joe?

"Keith Hernandez" cals Life Protect 24/7

It's more Ruben!
This time Ruben is calling random numbers!

It's ALL About Ruben!

"Scott Ferrall" calls "Roku"

It's the DEBUT of Aqib Talib prank calls!

"Paul Heyman" attempts to get Auto Insurance

"Paul Heyman" calls Life Alert.... AGAIN!

It's EVEN MORE "Tom" prank calls:

It's THE DEBUT of "Tom" prank calls:

"Paul Heyman" calls "PayPal"

Mary tried to get her MacBook fixed =(

It's Part TWO of the Ed Orgeron weekend!
Ed won the National Championship last year...
BUT he can't get his computer fixed??

Mary is so kind and polite and this is how people treat her.... SAD!

Wellll If you like Mary welll here's a 17 minutes of MARY!

These prank calls didn't make the cut for last weeks episode...
So we thawed them from the freezer....
Don't worry they are still good!

It's the debut of a Scott Ferrall prank call AND an ANGRY Ken Patera prank call:

If you like crazy prank call episodes wellllll this is for you!

Are the Indian telemarketers finally getting smart to my game?

It's the Michael Rapaport prank call gauntlet!

A scammer is exposed in a brand NEW soon to be all time classic prank call:

A BRAND NEW Michael Rapaport prank call and an announcement is made:

Another prank call gone bad.. Have I lost my touch?

On the B-show show we ask What Happened Wheeeen Conrad Thompson called for a house?

Welll it's the B-Show and well what if I did some Paul Heyman survey prank calls
Regarding Mike Francesa saying I shouldn't get an ESPN 30 for 30 Sure why not?: