"Hawk" prank calls:

"Lio Rush" tries to insure his home....

Jerry Brisco tries to get his internet fixed:

A preview of the Folds of Honor 500
AND "Jerry Brisco" has figured out who the computer hacker is....
And it isn't Mustafa Ali:

A bet is placed on "The Clash at the Coliseum"
AND Ed Orgeron tries to sell another house:

First off an Army vs. Navy preview...
THEN the DEBUT of the Ed Orgeron prank call gauntlet:

First off I heard Roger Penske made a purchase?
THEN the DEBUT of Mike Tomlin prank calls!

Due to popular demand here's another ALL prank call episode!

You've heard of Jerry Lewis' Telethon?
Well it's our prank call phoneathon! 32 minutes of just prank calls!

What a wild episode! Tony Orlando's confession and a Billy Jack Haynes prank call?! WOW!