From The Town of the little hills...
Saint Charles, Missouri!
Fatso and Fruit Loops review "Rumble on the River"

Happy Throwback weekend! "Meltzer" and "Alvarez" watch The Three Stooges short "Pardon My Scotch"

FROM THE JERSEY SHORE! Fatso and Fruit Loops host the "Summer Send Off Show" ALSO a review of CWF Wrestling from 8-25-84:

The Variety Hour is on Broadway!
Broadway actress Haviland Stillwell is our guest host as Fatso and Fruit Loops review CWF from 8-18-84:

From "The Northern Trust" Fatso and Fruit Loops run wild at Liberty National!
AND attempt to eat The Big Apple!

Aloha from Castle Island! Fatso and Fruit Loops review CWA Memphis Wrestling from 8-4-84:

THE JUICE WEEKEND! Fatso and Fruit Loops watch along with the infamous "Power of juicing" infomercial

A rainy day won't stop Fatso and Fruit Loops from reviewing CWF Wrestling from 7-14-84:

Fourth Of July weekend! Fatso and Fruit Loops hit Vegas:
Joe's Bar is OPEN ALSO a review of the 7-4-99 episode of Power Pro Wrestling:

In Honor of O.J. Simpson joining twitter Fatso and Fruit Loops watch the Ronco knife infomercial!

PART TWO of Fatso and Fruit Loops reviewing CWF Florida Wrestling this time it's from 7-21-84:

Joe & Joe invade Odessa, Texas with a review CWF Florida from 4-6-84

First a preview of the DXC Technology 600
THEN Fatso and Fruit Loops watch Ron Popeil's 5in1 Turkey Fryer informerical!

Fatso and Fruit Loops watch the imfamous Bird cage match from TNA and Kongo Kong vs Abyss

It's Joe's Kick off to Summer Show!
IndyCar driver Kyle Kaiser calls in to talk about his epic journey into the #Indy500 and Kyle previews the big race!
PLUS Fatso and Fruit Loops hit Vegas to celebrate the start of summer!

Fatso and Fruit Loops hit the road! From the Mile High State the morons recap the NEW "Superstar" Billy Graham

The Variety Hour you thought you'd never hear Joe and Joe review Days of Our Lives #LastBlast #DOOL

The last stop on the Southwestern tour! Fatso and Fruit Loops review CWA Wrestling from 8-25-84

It's our annual #Daytona500 show! Joe and Joe celebrate the only way they know how!

Joe and Joe review and BURY Ultima Lucha Cuatro

From El Paso, Texas It's Joe's Variety Hour. Joe and Joe review Power Pro Wrestling from November 4th 2000

Joe and Joe are discussing Power Pro Wrestling from 7-10-99

Hotter than a hot tamale it's Joe and Joe discussing Southwest Wrestling again!

From Ol' Tucson it's Joe and Joe and it's a review of Southwest Wrestling!

Start of the 2019 Southwestern tour Fatso and Fruit loops review WWF Super Astros from 1-3-99

The Tour of Texas concludes in beautiful Abilene! One last time Fatso and Fruit Loops discuss Southwest wrestling:

As I walked out on the streets of Laredo. It's Joe's Variety Hour from Laredo, Texas! MORE Southwest Wrestling!

The know it all & The Village Idiot invade Texas to discuss Southwest Wrestling AND racing!

From Ft. Worth Joe and Joe preview the DXC Technology 600 plus more:

The fall out from what happened at the PGA Championship AND a Road America preiview!

Joe and Joe's Tribute to the King Elvis Presley!

LIVE from the Bellerive Country Club for the 100th PGA Championship.. It's Joe's Variety Hour!
Joe and the two idiots give you a rundown from the clubhouse media center!

Joe and the two morons are in Alorton, Illinois and it's an episode devoted to The Real1 FKA Enzo!

Joe and the two morons are in Evansville for the most violent episode of all time!

Joe and Joe from Abilene Texas for the Wahoo McDaniel tribute episode!

Joe and Joe from Amarillo review NXT Takeover: Philadelphia
ALSO a rundown of the Rousey vs McMahon feud
PLUS a new game is introduced.

Joe and Joe hit Route 66 and visit Grants, New Mexico!
Joe and Joe discuss Southwest Wrestling from June 1983
AND the former criminal Arkansas politician speaks out on the allegations from Billy Jack Haynes!

It's a STRIKE! Joe and Joe hit the lanes and review WWF Wrestling Challenge from September 28th 1986!

It's the Daytona 500 Preview Party with guests Geoff Bodine and Mario Gosselin!
ALSO Joe's bar is OPEN!

LIVE from beautiful Abilene Texas.... It's Joe's Variety Hour! The other Joe is back from jail and is ready to mingle!
The boys take the Ghost pepper chip challenge! AND Joe and Joe review Ultima Lucha Tres.

Out in the West Texas town of El Paso It's the Variety Hour!
Joe and Joe review AWA from July 29th 1979. This show is Wild as the West Texas wind!

It's Joe's Christmas party from Tucson, Arizona! And EVERYONE is invited!
Joe and Joe are talking Southwest wrestling from 12-25-82 PLUS MORE!

Viva Las Vegas! Joe and Joe celebrate New Years Eve From The Stratosphere Casino floor!
The idiot Joe reviews some Mountian Dews AND a review of "The War To Settle The Score"

The last stop of the 2017 Southwestern tour is from the sunny arnd warm Huntington Beach!
Joe and Joe review WCW Worldwide from July 9th 1995

The Sun sets on the Fun in the sun tour as Joe and Joe discuss the decline of World Class Championship Wrestling!

A Packed Variety Hour Joe and Joe preview the BIG Fight! In tribute of the GFW Gauntlet Joe and Joe run the tea Gauntlet!

Joe and Joe talk their favourite restaurants! ALSO in the second half of this Doubleheader episode Joe and Petrov preview Summerslam!

It's Joe's Variety Hour from Redondo beach pier Joe and Joe review an awesome episode of NWA Power Hour from 4-20-90!
Then the train comes off the tracks!

Joe and Joe are back and it's a FIRE IN THE NIGHT as the boys discuss HOT promos and try Pepsi FIRE!

On this episode of Joe's Variety Hour Joe and Joe review the October 3rd 1986 episode of WCCW!

On this weeks Variety Hour Joe and Joe review and BURY The July 26th 1985 episode of WWF Tuesday Night Titans!

Joe and Joe start the Fun in the Sun Tour!
This episode it's all about Unusual matches! Did we mention it's LIVE from the Mar Vista Rec Center?

It's the start of The Fun in the Sun Series Joe and Joe watch the January 4, 1986 Saturday Nights Main Event!

on location from Marina Del Rey, California. Joe tries Mountain Dew Pitch Black. Then Joe pours it down the idiot!
Bret Hart's BURIAL podcast should we listen? New Jack was in a twitter war with Terri Runnels?

Joe's Variety Hour from Redondo Beach, California.
Frank shares his WWE collectible cards. Then the boys reflect on past Summerslams! PLUS a discussion about the late Art Barr.

Joe's Variety Hour is on location from Santa Monica, California. Joe, Frank and the other Joe debate which wrestling rumors are actually truthful.
Oh and what really went down the night Ken Patera had his melee with the cops?

Joe's Variety Hour is from Redondo Beach, California once again.
The boys discuss the Celebrities in wrestling which ones were good which ones were bad? Tune in to find out! Plus a BURIAL of OLE MISS!

From Redondo Beach Pier it's BEACH PARTY TIME! The boys give away Florida State home opener tickets.
Plus a debate what were the best tag teams in wrestling?
Oh and Joe tries a Cinnamon flavored Energy drink?

From Dockweiler Beach, California Hmmm what is there to watch on YouTube? Eric Embry? Urban Wrestling Federation? Billy Jack Haynes?
Oh and Joe and Joe discuss what fast food items should be brought back?

It's the HULK HOGAN episode of Joe's Variety Hour. Joe and Joe gives you the rundown of Hulk Hogan's career from 1979-1993

Joe's Variety Hour from Redondo Beach is entitled "The Games People Play" which wrestling books are good and which ones are full of IT?