"Wow Well, Joe got me to do this radio show a few years ago.
I was sitting in his car surrounded by cans he recycles and he said 'Hey you want to be on my radio show?
I didn't know he would keep asking me to do it. Yeah I cut hair and Joe won't let me cut his hair."

"Well, I like a man who BBQs and a man with a beard."

"I can't stand a guy who makes me jello. I also don't like water.
Any guy that tries to get me to drink a gallon of water a day I stay away from!"

"Here are my recipes. That I would like to share with everyone.
Just click on what recipe you would like."

Joe and Katie Cook review the terrbile movie "Samurai Cop"

NASCAR Xfinity Series car owner/driver Mario Gosselin is our guest.
Mario is here to preview his teams 2021 season.
THEN Joe and Katie Cook preview "The Big Game 55"

Joe and the returning Katie Cook preview the 2021 Royal Rumble.

Katie Cook FINALLLLLY Returns....
Why does she return for Gina's birthday of course!

Will Joe go see the Avenjizz? Plus MORE... Mandy Moore!

The Debut of Katie Cook the psychiatrist!

The Celebs are out to wish Gina a Happy Birthday on this star studded episode!

Joe and Katie Cook preview #Wrestlemania35

Let the Fantasies RUN WILD! BROTHER!

It's THE Black Friday Episode! Joe and Katie Cook go Black Friday Shopping!

On this weeks Variety Hour Katie Cook's fantasies RUN WILD...

Joe and Katie DO IT AGAIN!
ALSO a preview of the first ROVAL

This is the episode where Katie Cook finally gives IT away!

The Saint Louis Blues have FINALLY won the Stanley Cup Here's me and Katie's reactions:

Only on the B-Show Katie plays FMarryKill with wrestlers from The Long Horn state!

Katie revels in her #Coke600 win and newZ on an interesting offer:

In honor of Double or Nothing Joe has Katie Play FmarryKill with the AEW roster

Cryin' for Zion :'( Joe shares his NBA Draft Lottery frustrations with Katie!

Only on the B-Show where Joe and Katie breakdown Joe's fake ex-wife

It's an ALL Brooklyn FmarryKill with Katie Cook!

Joe has Katie Cook play FMarryKill with past Royal Rumble winners: